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The GRAPES pattern uses actual grape leaves to create the imprint of the leaf. The background color is black. The leaves will vary in color from green to brown. The grapes are portrayed as a deep blue color.

The hand woven basket is made with both black and brown colored clay and has deep blue grapes.

The wine coaster is packaged in a box with a clay gift tag which can be written on with a permanent marker on the reverse side.

All of the mirrors are wired and ready for hanging and are backed with felt to protect the wall.

Each piece is hand crafted and, as a result, may vary slightly in size and color.

All measurements are given in inches (L x W x D). All prices are given in U.S. Dollars.

Description      Dimensions      Price      Product ID
Woven Oval Grape Bread/Fruit Basket      10x9x5      $265.00      GW01
Other Shapes (not shown)
Square (Small)      10x10x2      $255.00      GW02
Square (Medium)      11x11x4      $285.00      GW03
Oval      16x11x3      $285.00      GW04
Round (Small)      9x9x2      $225.00      GW05
Round (Medium)      11x11x3      $265.00      GW06
Pie Serving, Round      13x13x2      $265.00      GW07

Most Shapes of Pottery on this site may be ordered in any design pattern shown. Basket Shapes are available with any pattern only in medium and large sizes. Please consult us by telephone for special orders.

All orders are taken by telephone or by printing, filling out, and faxing the order form that is available on this site; Visa and Master Card are accepted. All prices are subject to change; the customer will be notified of any price changes before any transactions are processed. Delivery time, as well as shipping and handling charges will be quoted at the time of the order. Because each item is made as ordered, returns require prior written approval.

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Order by Fax: (908) 879-0704